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Finding Somewhere to Sleep it off

April 4, 2010

Finding an apartment isn’t particularly complicated in Edmonton. There are tons of resources out there from the Student Association’s Housing Registry to the obvious newspaper sites, like the Edmonton Journal‘s sponsored site or the Edmonton Sun‘s site. There are also places like and RentBoard to help in your apartment hunt.

If you’ve never gone apartment hunting before, you should be armed with questions. Personally, I find it helps to bring along a friend who can tell me what’s wrong with the place while I’m trying to figure out where to put the futon. Naturally, you’ll pay more for places close to downtown or Whyte Ave, but with the money you save on renting in the boonies, you’ll be able to afford the drunken cab rides home.

Finally, if you’re having problems with your landlord, you should check out the Landlord and Tenant Advisory Board site. They’ll help you figure out your rights, and can help resolve disputes. The Service Alberta site provides answers to questions ranging from how large a damage deposit can be to links to programs if you can’t afford a rent increase.

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