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Strangers No More

April 9, 2010

About a month ago, I was walking down the halls of MacEwan with a friend, and she said to me: “Paige, my new goal is to talk to one stranger per day.” And by talk, she meant more than a hello, goodbye or thank-you.

At first, I thought the idea was ridiculous, but when I thought about it more carefully, I concluded it was brilliant. What if all of us made the effort to talk to at least one stranger per day? Would it impact our lives, in even the smallest way?

To me, every conversation is an opportunity – one to be inspired, changed or enlightened. It can lead you to someone’s fascinating life story. It can introduce you to your new best friend. But most importantly, and specific to business students, it can help you to build valuable connections.

That garbage collector outside of campus may be related to a city official. The cook at City Centre’s cafeteria may work part time for the Government of Alberta. So, my wise tips to all of you: 

1) Never judge the people you don’t know

2) Always be open to interaction

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