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A Job that Teaches

April 12, 2010

While I agree with Marlee’s post, To work or not to work, sometimes paying the rent and eating just become hard habits to break. With that in mind there are two sorts of jobs that are useful to have for budding business students: jobs that give you insight into course work or your future life in the business world or jobs that allow you to study or do homework on the job. I’ll deal with a job in the first category today and the second another time.

In the first category, I’d suggest market research. Of course, everyone hates getting calls to do surveys, but the truth is that everyone in business school will need to learn about this type of research for a class at some point. You may as well learn first hand so you know what your prof is talking about (and maybe even correct them).

Market research companies are always hiring, because turnover is very high. If you can read and type, they’ll take you.Their scheduling is generally fairly flexible, but ask how they schedule before you accept an offer.

You’ll also learn a valuable job skill: taking rejection. If you’re going to be in business, you’ll face rejection regularly. Learning how to deal with it appropriately is a good thing to know.

Here are a couple market research companies near MacEwan University’s city centre campus, so you can go from school to work and vice versa. Trend Research does both quantitative and qualitative data collection and offers flexible scheduling. Banister Research & Consulting has a 26 station call centre located at 124 Street & 107 Avenue.

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