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Proof of the power of blogging?

April 21, 2010

I was reading some great posts on everyone’s blog tonight and decided to do a little test to see how high wordpress blogs get indexed in google. Well, the answer seems to be pretty high.

I chose three words that represented a post from the Biz Blog about how cramming can be hazardous to your health. I typed in the words “cramming” “hazardous” and “health” and low and behold The Biz blog came up #1 in the results.

So is this really a big deal? Yes. See Google doesn’t just give you search results based on key words. It also takes into account what is called a site’s “Google Page Rank.” Establishing a healthy page rank takes time and lots of in-bound links from other sites that have a healthy page rank. It took two years for my film blog, Quiet Earth to establish a page rank of 5 (it was 6 for a while, but then fell a bit for some reason.) The Biz blog has a page rank of “0” because it’s so new, and yet it still managed to scale thousands of websites that  more than likely feature those three key words.

What this tells me is, a) search engines like Google love blogs c) people will find your blog through searh and c) having a blog on wordpress obviously carries some weight in terms of getting indexed well.

Do a test on your own blog. Go ahead, Google yourself and see where you show up on the hierarchy of search results. You may be surprised.

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