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Handling the Heat

April 22, 2010

It’s +26 out, and unfortunately, you’ve got exams to study for. Your apartment is smoldering hot, and you can feel the sweat dripping down every oraface of your body. You’re starting to drift off from the unbearable heat, and soon enough, you’ve lost three hours of studying to an unplanned nap.

Yup – that was me two days ago. Quite honestly, old Edmonton apartments are not designed for summer weather. As a result, they make terrible spots for studying. So, my suggestion to all of you? Either a) take your books and study notes outside (if you can’t beat the heat, then join it!) or b) become better acquainted with your wealthy friends who have air-conditioned apartments.

And of course, there’s always the option of studying at the room temerature library at MacEwan. The problem is, most of us students will find every excuse to leave the college. After all, we do spend A LOT of time there.

Despite your studies, try to enjoy even one hour of the awesome pre-summer weather at the moment!

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