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Education related blogs

April 21, 2010

In my role as your student finance bud, I’ve come across a few blogs that made for interesting reading. Unfortunately, there aren’t nearly as many as I would have hoped from Canadians, but here are a couple that will entertain and enlighten you.

Jeannine Mitchell’s blog is well written and informative. It includes a lot of interesting posts, so check it out if you need to take a break from studying for finals.

I find the Maclean’s oncampus blog really easy to navigate and, of course, well written. Todd Pettigrew‘s posts are particularly fun to read and full of practical advice for students.


Student lines of Credit

April 21, 2010

I hate to give props to that school on the wrong side of the North Saskatchewan river, but the University of Alberta Student Union has an informative FAQ about student lines of credit.

They’re a better deal and smarter than using credit cards to pay your bills. Most banks have student lines of credit, but RBC, TD Canada Trust, BMO, CIBC, and ATB all have different rules. Generally speaking, it’s easier to open a student line of credit wherever you already bank. That being said, banks are willing to help students willing to start a new relationship with them. It’s in their best interest, and, with a little luck, yours too.


April 21, 2010

I have a few friends who were lucky enough to have RESPs started for them when they were young. They’re drawing on their RESPs to pay their way through school and maybe the occasional keg party.

You have to be careful about drawing on RESPs, because the tax rules can be a little tricky. Oddly, the student poverty really helps with that. Between the low income and the tax deductions, drawing on RESPs is to your advantage.

If you’ve had to deal with student loans, then RESPs are something to start thinking about when you start thinking about having your own little people.

Student loan

April 21, 2010

It’s rare that you can find an image that sums up your view of student loans so succinctly.

I had a lot of trouble paying back my student loan. That doesn’t mean that I regret doing it. It was an investment in myself when my parents couldn’t afford to help me pay my way through school and my part time job didn’t take care of tuition and living expenses.

The government of Canada explains the Canada Student Grants Program clearly on its website. It includes information about help repaying your loan and the process for giving back what you needed.

What Scholarships?

April 21, 2010

I have to say, I didn’t know there were so many scholarships out there. It never even occurred to me that there would be search sites just for scholarships.

There is a helpful listing of scholarships available to Alberta’s students on the Alberta Learning Information Service website. There is also an extensive list of organizations that provide scholarships.

You can also check the website of whichever post-secondary institution you plan to attend. All three of Edmonton’s institutions of higher learning have easy to follow links to get money for things you are already doing.

Scholarship advice

April 21, 2010

The Alberta Learning Information Service has a great article on getting scholarships. Their best advice is to search for scholarships that focus on something you’re good at. Not everyone gets the highest marks in every subject, but there might be one subject you excel at or you may be good at sports.  There are organizations that focus on community service or leadership.

Once you figure out what you’re good at, it really is just a matter of applying and meeting the requirements for the particular scholarship. The really important thing is to keep doing what you’ve been doing. Whether you volunteer somewhere that makes you feel good about yourself or you study a particular subject, do what comes naturally. If you don’t win one year you might win the next year. Even if you don’t win the scholarship, you’ll feel better about yourself for trying.

Towers Sign Off

April 21, 2010

Wanna celebrate the fact finals are over?

You don’t have to look to far. Visit your resident Towers Pub on Friday, April 23rd.

Wouldn’t it feel so good to walk out of your final final and  grab a celebratory drink?

Everyone is encouraged to dress-up in formal attire and get smashed.

Bring a couple of classmates and start predrinking for the long night ahead of you.


Rejoice and have fun.