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Hey newbie, I’m Chris – your new study bud.

I’m like a robot, built to maximize cramming results. By following my tips and tricks, you’ll learn how to  manage your study time without sacrificing a social life.

    • Favorite toast topping: Tahini
    • Favorite cartoon: Astro Boy
    • Favorite board game: Cranium


Hey, it’s Paige – your new social bud. I’m here to make your life at MacEwan a bit easier.

I’m a girl that’s all about people. I believe that social interactions shape our experiences both in and out of school.

With insider tips and advice, I will ensure that you get the ultimate MacEwan experience.

    • Favorite toast topping: Peanut butter
    • Favorite cartoon: Flintstones
    • Favorite board game: Balderdash


Anyone else want to go to business school because they’re following the money? Well I’m Patrick and I’ll be your new financial bud.

From bursaries to groceries to making the rent, I’ll help you survive your bills (because mine are strangling me).

    • Favorite toast topping: Caramel
    • Favorite Cartoon: Bugs Bunny
    • Favorite board game: Pay Day


My name is Naomi and I’m your new events bud!

I’m a sassy, curly haired chick with the inside deets on the School of Business and what’s happening around campus. I work at the SA and I encourage you to stop by.

    • Favorite toast topping: Marmalade
    • Favorite cartoon: Inspector Gadget
    • Favorite board game: Scattergories

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